Have you ever wondered how Cryobanks, Sperm/Egg/Embryo Storage Centers, and Fertility Clinics are able to store cells that can remain living for 30+ years? Cryopreservation is the answer, and we want you to be informed a little bit of how we do this.

We use Liquid nitrogen (LN2) to preserve human cells and tissues in a state of suspended animation at cryogenic temperatures. Liquid Nitrogen is very cold, in fact it is -196 degrees Celsius or for people in the U.S. that translates to -321 degrees Fahrenheit. Liquid Nitrogen boils when it is at room temperature, so we must be careful to keep the Liquid Nitrogen cold so that is does not boil and get too warm which would allow for the cells to thaw out. With the help of freezing media and a proper technique, it will protect the cells from ice crystals, exploding, and shrinking.

If everything is done correctly, it will then result in a preserved cell, which theoretically has an indefinite shelf-life, that when thawed out properly the cells will be the same as it was before it was frozen. This allows people to utilize sperm/eggs/oocytes for future use in case they become infertile later on, which can help so many people! Liquid Nitrogen is a fascinating substance, plus, it also can help you make ice cream really fast, and that’s a pretty cool bonus!

If you would like more information about preserving your ability to conceive in the future, please visit our Directed Donor or Personal Sperm Banking pages, or contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 817-945-8708