Yes, by boys we mean your testicles. It’s important to know everyday things you do that could decrease your fertility, even in the cold season. Wearing briefs or tights during a workout, setting a laptop on your lap, taking hot baths or long hot showers can all kill your sperm! The reason behind this is because your testicles self-regulate their temperature by having a series of veins called the Pampiniform Plexus surrounding them. In simplified terms, the veins exchange heat and that will cool the testicles down, but if the area is constantly over heated the Pampiniform Plexus will not work properly.

Another mechanism the testicles use is the ability to bring them closer or farther away from the body, this also allows it to change the temperature, but again if they are trapped in tight underwear or over heated this will not help save your sperm. If for some reason your sperm count is low, you can try one or all things we have suggested and in about 60 days you should see an increase in sperm production! Yes 60 days is a long time, but that is the amount of time it takes to completely cycle through and produce new sperm.

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