One Donor ❤ One Family℠

With the One DonorOne Family℠ program found exclusively at Cryobank America a family is able to be the sole user of a donor’s semen to build their family around a donor that they will be able to choose. This is a great option for families as Cryobank America will assist in this full service option. From hair color to eye color, education to build, we will find the perfect donor for you and all vials retained will only be used for your family and building it around one exceptional donor.

The donor, once chosen, will go through all of the rigorous tests all of our other donors go through (initial analysis, family history review, genetic screening, full physical examination, infectious and non-infectious disease testing). They will then be quarantined for a minimum of 6-months and retested. Upon receiving the results, the vials can be released to your physician or upon physician approval can be sent to you. Never face the problem of not having enough vials available and build a family around a donor where you know all of the siblings from that single donor.

The cost for this exclusive program ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 dependent upon multiple factors. This program includes all testing, storage (up to 5 years), delivery fees, consultations, and private donor selection services where we work together to locate the perfect donor for your family. To find our more or get started contact or call us at 817-945-8708. Flexible financing options are available. Make your dream family a reality with One Donor❤One Family℠!