Why Choose a CA Donor?

At Cryobank America we are committed to providing the highest quality of sperm so you can build your Happy, Healthy Family.

Rigorous screening

Our donors undergo a rigorous background, personality, and behavioral screening by our staff physician and psychiatrist so that we can provide you with the best options to build your family.

Industry exceeding testing

All donors are subject to an extensive medical questionnaire and advanced genetic and infectious disease testing as required by the FDA and in most cases, exceeds the established standard. We continually endeavor to be the NEW Standard (in)Fertility.

For more information on our screening and testing please contact us at info@cryobankamerica.com

Quality Sperm

  • At Cryobank America, we strive to maintain the industry’s highest standards for donor screening, testing, semen processing and storage to provide quality, motile sperm. Our operations are fully licensed and inspected to ensure the best opportunity for a trustworthy and positive pregnancy in the future.
  • Each donor is identified via a biometric identification device and is compared to facial photographs stored on-site to ensure proper proof of identity.
  • In addition to these quality assurance practices, Cryobank America leads the industry in providing 17 million motile sperm per milliliter increasing your chances of successful conception.
  • As a part of our commitment to help you build your Happy, Health Family, we offer the Conception Commitment™ program.

Conception Commitment™

We want your dream of starting or expanding your family to become a reality! At Cryobank America, we are confident that we can help you with your pregnancy endeavors. Our Conception Commitment ™ program was developed to help individuals and families having an especially difficult time conceiving conception by sending you a free vial if after undergoing 4 cycles of insemination procedures, you still don’t achieve a pregnancy. Additionally, to help burden the cost associated with the treatments, we also offer discounted shipping costs for the free vial.