Our Team

Throughout your journey with us, you may encounter different team members. Here is a brief overview of their roles and qualifications.

Medical Director

Our Medical Director is a licensed medical doctor responsible for Cryobank America's medical oversight. The Medical Director performs donor physical exams, reviews all adverse reaction reports, reviews, approves all determinations of donor eligibility, and consults with physician users of donor tissue when needed.

Laboratory Director

The Laboratory Director is responsible for the overall operation and administration of Cryobank America, including the employment of personnel who are competent to:

  • perform test procedures
  • record and report test results promptly, accurately, and proficiently
  • and assuring compliance with applicable regulations

The Tissue Bank Director is also responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures for the operation of the sperm bank and for the selection of donors or establishment of criteria governing that selection.

Compliance Manager

The compliance manager is responsible for all aspects related to meeting and exceeding FDA and CLIA regulations.

Donor Coordinator

The donor coordinator handles all aspects of donor recruitment, interviews, and admission into the Donor Sperm Program.

Laboratory Staff

Our laboratory staff comprises individuals with at least a Bachelor of Science, most of whom hold a Masters in Science. They are responsible for all specimen processing, undergo a rigorous 6-month training period, and are tested annually for competency and techniques.