Donor Types

Cryobank America offers two types of donors from which our clients may choose, including Open ID and Closed ID donors. Protecting the privacy of both our donors and future parents is one of the most important things that we do here at Cryobank America.

By adequately identifying donor type, prospective parents will be better able to choose the type of donor which suits their needs.

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Open ID Donors

Open ID Donors have agreed to allow Cryobank America to share their full name and establish at least a one-time contact with their offspring once that child reaches 18. There is no requirement that the donor must commit to a long-lasting relationship with the child, though it is up to the donor and child to arrange any contact after the initial exchange. Cryobank America will never release identifying donor information in the sperm donor program.

Most future parents find security in knowing their child will be able to have some contact with the donor who has contributed to their genetic makeup. It is important to note, however, that the child, and only the child, must be the one to initiate the initial contact through Cryobank America. Therefore, we leave it to the child, once they are 18 years old, to determine whether or not they want to communicate with their donor.

For future parents to get a better overall picture of their prospective donor, we ask that all our donors provide some information and documents which allow them to get to know the donor as much as possible without actually knowing who the donor is.

Closed ID Donors

Closed ID Donors have not agreed to allow Cryobank America to release any identifying information about them. They have not decided to enable Cryobank America to facilitate a one-time contact between the donor and the child.

All donor and recipient records are maintained internally indefinitely, and we will not compromise the anonymity between the donor and any recipients.
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