Become a Donor

Thank you for your interest in joining Cryobank America’s Sperm Donor Program! All healthy men aged 18-40 are eligible and encouraged to apply today!


1) View the Qualifications and Incentives page HERE

2) Complete and submit an ONLINE APPLICATION

3) After submission, Cryobank America will assess initial eligibility determination and you will receive an email notification from a Cryobank America staff member regarding our decision.

4) Once you have received the information informing of your next stop to becoming a Cryobank America Sperm Donor, you will be invited to the office to submit a sperm sample for initial testing. This test sample will be used for analysis data only, and will be destroyed upon completion of the analysis – therefore no financial compensation will be offered for this sample.

5) After initial approval, all Cryobank America potential donors will undergo a rigorous medical and social history screening, which consists of a questionnaire submission regarding personal and family medical abnormalities.

6) Once all proper consents have been signed and the donor has initially been cleared, the donor will undergo a physical exam by our medical director which includes blood-draw and urine samples. Genetic, infectious, and non-infectious disease testing will be performed.

7) After passing the physical exam and other medical tests, you are officially a member of the Cryobank America Sperm Donor Program! It is at this point, you are invited to begin making regular donations and receive a total of $70 for each successful donation, up to $1000/month! $50 will be paid at the time of donation, with the remainder $20 to be paid once the sample has gone through final approval.