Why Choose Us?

Industry standards are ever changing. Cryobank America will always be ahead of the curve. With our vast industry knowledge and industry leading techniques Cryobank America’s vow is to approach the industry ethically and with the sensitivity that can arise from choosing the right donor.


Mission Statement

Cryobank America’s main goal is to create happy, healthy families by providing high quality reproductive products to individuals and couples. We strive to set new industry standards in recruitment, screening, storage and distribution of sperm, while also creating a comfortable, safe and secure environment for our donors and clients. Health and safety of our clients and their offspring is our primary focus. We solidify this by rigorously screening all our donors before accepting them into our program. We comply not only with the spirit and the promulgated standards of all regulatory bodies governing our activities, but also with our internal policies and procedures. At Cryobank America, we want to build an extraordinary company which vows to ethically and respectfully provide every client with all our attention and resources possible, to make your family a reality.

The FDA sets strict guidelines when it comes to the handling, processing, and distribution of human tissues. Cryobank America adheres and exceeds all FDA requirements. With our state of the art laboratory and highly educated staff we take out FDA registered lab and industry standards very seriously to provide our clients with the best possible products.


Why pay the expensive rates other sperm banks charge? We have developed a special method for processing semen using gradient density methods. This method has been proven to be the most substantial in delivering the highest quality IUI vials. By using this method, we have been able to reduce the cost to the patient while maintaining the highest quality without any compromise. With exceptional pricing, we are and will always be the MOST affordable.

Company IUI Price IUI Standard (M/0.5 ml) ICI Price ICI Standard (M/ml)
Cryobank America $ 649 12.5 $ 649 17
Sperm Bank 2 $ 995 10 $ 995 15
Sperm Bank 3 $ 995 10 $ 895 10
Sperm Bank 4 $ 935 12.5 $800 12.5
Sperm Bank 5 $ 690 10 $ 690 15


Don’t let the low cost make you think we aren’t superior. We have industry exceeding infectious, non-infectious disease testing and advanced genetic carrier screening performed on all of our donors, all without the cost that other sperm banks charge for extra testing!


We provide industry exceeding testing for ALL donors. This includes advanced genetic testing. Infectious disease testing, all mutations of cystic fibrosis, and industry exceeding HPV (Human Papilloma Virus- the leading cause of cervical cancer) and HSV- Herpes Simplex Virus. All our testing is fully reviewed and approved by the FDA, Medical Director, and Tissue Bank Director for additional safety.

For more information of the wide array of testing performed please contact us at info@cryobankamerica.com

Full background check

Cryobank America wants the BEST donors possible and by performing a criminal background check we can find red flags in their past that may indicate they have had some trouble. If determined between the Laboratory Director, Medical Director, and Management to be any threat or unstable based on the report, the donor will not be allowed into the program. In addition, full educational transcripts will be required from donors to verify their educational background. We only want the best donor for you and your family.
To learn more about our industry leading testing and screening procedures, click here

Customer Service:

Our Client Service is available to answer your questions the best we can. With our knowledgeable staff readily available we will go to any length to try and give you the best possible experience at Cryobank America.


Our team is made up of the most knowledgeable professionals in medicine, tissue banking, and laboratory personnel are known industry leaders. Our laboratory technicians hold at least a B.S. most of which have completed a Masters. With 10+ years of combined laboratory experience you can rest assured that the staff at Cryobank America and our exceptional client service staff will be able to help you with any of your personal needs.

Medical Director

Dr. DePue is a licensed medical doctor who is responsible for the medical oversight of Cryobank America. The Medical Director performs donor physical exams, reviews all adverse reaction reports, reviews, approves all determinations of donor eligibility, and consults with physician users of donor tissue when needed.

Laboratory/Tissue Bank Director

Dr. Sunday Crider, PhD, HCLD/ELD (AAB) is responsible for the overall operation and administration of Cryobank America, including employment of personnel who are competent to perform test procedures, record and report test results, promptly, accurately and proficiently, and for assuring compliance with applicable regulations. The Tissue Bank Director is also responsible for development and implementation of policies and procedures for the operation of the sperm bank, and for the selection of donors or establishment of criteria governing that selection.

Laboratory Staff

Our laboratory staff is comprised of individuals with at least a Bachelors of Science. Most of which hold a Masters in Science. They are responsible for all specimen processing and go through a rigorous 6-month training period and are tested annually for competency and techniques.