Getting Started

Start Here

To get started, you need to create a free basic membership account here: This membership will grant you access to basic donor information reports such as ‘Genetic Test Summary, Staff Impression, Keirsey Temperament Assessment, and a Basic Donor Profile. You can also purchase a membership upgrade, which allows you access various reports for download (at no additional charge) such as additional childhood photos, extended donor profiles, and audio interviews for all of our donors. You can find more information about the different Membership Types below.

Once you are logged in to your account, you can search through our donor catalog here. As you are browsing our donors, you can click on ‘Quick View’ to learn basic information about the donor such as hair and eye color, height, weight, religion, CMV status, and occupation. You can also click ‘Full Profile’, which will bring up another window full of additional donor information. In this new window, you can click on the various donor information buttons to download donor files. These buttons include, Medical History, Genetic Test Summary, Donor Personal Essay, Staff Impression, Donor Conversation (Audio Interview), Keirsey Report, Photo Matching, Childhood Photo Bundle, and Extended Donor Profile. You can learn more about what each donor report type is by clicking here.

At the bottom of each ‘Full-View’ donor page, you can add your desired vial type and quantity to cart and complete the online checkout. You can learn about the difference in vial types here. Please note, Cryobank America is a new company and some of our donor’s inventory may currently be in a FDA-mandated quarantine period. If this is the case for your donor choice, you can ‘Pre-Order’ your vials by completing the checkout for IUI or ICI via ‘Backorder’ purchase. For pre-orders/backorders, vials will be released and shipped with priority given to those who placed orders first.

Once you have completed your purchase for your desired donor, we will need a few forms signed by you and your treating healthcare provider (this can be a fertility specialist, or your family practice physician, etc.). You can find the required Customer Agreement Form and our required Physician Clinic Approval form here.

Cryobank America Memberships

To get started, you will first need to create a free basic membership account. To sign up for your free account, you can click here. Once you are logged into your basic account, you can download basic donor information for our available donors. If you want to access additional donor information, you can purchase individual (a la carte) items, or opt for an upgraded membership to access more information across multiple donors. We recommend that you upgrade your account so that you can download and view donor information that is not included in the basic (free) membership. To help you navigate through your best options, we have included below the differences for each membership type.

Cryobank America Basic Membership (Free!)

Basic Membership Includes:

  • Photo Matching Services
  • Telephone Consultation Services
  • In-Person Consultation Services
  • CA Staff Impression
  • Donor Essay
  • Single Childhood Photo
  • Keirsey Temperament Assessment

Cryobank America Enhanced Membership ($50)

Everything in Basic Membership plus:

  • Additional Childhood Photos
  • Extended Donor Profile

Cryobank America Premium Membership ($90)

Everything in Enhanced Membership plus:

  • Donor Audio Interview (Donor Conversation)

Cryobank America Executive Membership ($300)

Everything in Premium Membership plus:

  • Full access for 1 Year!
  • $100 off first order
  • Buy 8 vials, receive two free!
  • Donor Preview (receive notification of upcoming new donor releases before others!)