Getting Started

We have a simple, straightforward process to make it easy for you to start your family. Our easy steps will ensure a smooth process, from finding the perfect donor to insemination. Start by creating a free account or signing up for our Premium Membership to gain full access.

Getting Started

Finding and Purchasing Donor Sperm

Create A Free Account
To get started, you need to create a free basic membership account. Your free account will grant you access to basic donor information reports such as Genetic Test Summary, Staff Impression, Keirsey Temperament Assessment, and a Basic Donor Profile.
Create A free Account
You can also purchase a membership upgrade, which allows you to access various reports for download (at no additional charge), such as more childhood photos, extended donor profiles, and audio interviews for all of our donors.
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Search For A Donor
Just sign in to your account and search through our donor catalog here. During your search, you can select filters to learn basic information about each donor, such as hair and eye color, height, CMV status, and donor type.

To view additional donor information, click on the donor profile you would like to view. You can click the donor information buttons on the Donor Profile page to download donor files. These files include Staff Impression, Genetic Test Summary, Keirsey Temperament Assessment, Photo Matching, Complete Donor Profile (including Donor Education, Handwritten Letter, Characteristic, Questionnaire, Donor Essay, History of Health, History of Fertility, and Family Medical History), Audio Interview, and Additional Childhood Photos.
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Make A Purchase
At the bottom of each Donor Profile page, you can add your desired vial type and quantity to your cart and complete the online checkout. Enter the amount for how many you would like to ship/pick up or store with Cryobank America.

If you enter a quantity for shipping or pickup on the checkout page, you must also select your shipping (or pickup) method.

If you enter a quantity for storage, you must select a Storage Subscription option. Depending on your amount, you may have a free storage subscription included. In addition, on the checkout page, please select "Storage Subscription (No Shipping Needed)" for shipping.
Learn More About Vial Types
For more information on current vial availability or upcoming vials please contact us or email us at [email protected].
Search For A Donor
Fill Out The Forms
Once you have completed your purchase for your desired donor, we will need a few forms signed by you and your treating healthcare provider (this can be a fertility specialist or your family practice physician). Additionally, you will be required to complete our Customer Account Agreement which can be e-signed on our website.
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