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At Cryobank America we provide multiple services to help you start your family or preserve your fertility.

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Donor Sperm

Find your perfect Sperm Donor with our collection of thoroughly screened and FDA cleared donors. Our Donors are amongst the best in the county. In fact, less than 1% of all applicants make it into the sperm donor program.
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Semen Analysis

Whether you are asked by your Physician to get a semen analysis performed or are just curious. Our comprehensive semen analysis will give you the information you need on your personal fertility.
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Personal Sperm Banking

Our personal sperm banking service has been designed to provide affordable storage for everyone. Whether if you are about to start medical treatments, having a vasectomy, or would like to save for future use have Cryobank America collect and store the specimens for you.
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Directed Donor

Our Directed/Known Donor program is designed for individuals or couples who wish to use a person they have designated, without having intercourse, for insemination.
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Helping those In Need

CA + Livestrong

Cryobank America has partnered with the LiveSTRONG fertility program to offer discounts for individuals who have been diagnosed to cancer to have specimens stored at little cost to the patient.
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