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Below are some frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer here please contact us or use the chat.

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What is your Family Limit?

Our limit is 25 families globally. To make it even more selective we have implemented it to one donor family per 500,000 population. We track this by keeping in contact with the recipient and having them agree to notify us if they move from one area so we can keep it updated on our records.

How are the semen specimens packaged and shipped?

We send the specimens in liquid nitrogen “dry shipper” MVE tanks via UPS or local courier. The specimens are guaranteed in the dry shipper tanks for 7 days from the date shipped. Shipments within the United States are sent using 2-day or overnight service. If you are local, we offer discounted delivery and pick-up* in the DFW metroplex. For pickup, we require at least 72-hours notice.

*Please see our Pricing for additional local pick-up options

What is the difference between Screening and Testing?

A screening test is given to those who have no symptoms of the condition in question. An example would be the measurement of cholesterol levels in people who have no symptoms of cardiovascular disease. When a person does have symptoms, however, the picture changes, as the chance of uncovering something meaningful to health is considerably more likely once a person has a symptom or is at higher risk of a condition. Risk is best determined by a doctor when he or she checks your physical condition and "takes a history" -- asks about your signs, symptoms, and medical history in a complete and thorough way.

A diagnostic test is used to confirm a suspected condition once initial testing has revealed its possibility. Diagnostic tests are often more expensive and risky than initial tests. However, their usefulness should far outweigh their risk, or they should not be undertaken.

Do you offer private storage options?

Yes. We offer several storage options for individuals wanting to privately store their specimens. Please see our Personal Sperm Banking for more information. This is a great way to protect you and your family.

Can I do insemination at home, without a Doctor?

Yes. You will still need to be registered to purchase though and all of the same steps are required for registration. Your doctor needs to sign your paperwork but you can do the insemination on your own, at home. Please contact Cryobank America or your Physician for more details.

How does Cryobank America process semen and why?

Cryobank America uses a density gradient method for processing. And while it is more time consuming and expensive we believe that this the optimal method and research has proven that by using this method we are able to exclude most abnormal motile cells thus providing the best results and reducing camping complications that may arise from insemination.

Why choose Cryobank America?

We ensure the highest quality and want to be the most transparent company the industry has seen. With information regarding our donors and the testing that goes into it we can successfully accomplish this and become the NEW INDUSTRY STANDARD (in)FERTILITY.

Why pay the expensive rates other cryobanks charge? We have developed a fee schedule that is not only transparent with all fees disclosed we will never have extra fees for anything.

Don’t let the low cost make you think we aren’t superior. We have industry exceeding infectious, non-infectious disease testing and advanced genetic carrier screening performed on all of our donors.

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Our Client Service is available to answer your questions the best we can. With our knowledgeable staff readily available we will go to any length to try and give you the best possible experience at Cryobank America.

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