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Do you want to utilize a specimen from a person that is not a spouse or partner? Our Directed Donor program is the solution! This program is for individuals or couples who wish to conceive with a designated individual without having intercourse.

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What Is A Directed Or Known Donor

A directed donor, sometimes referred to as a designated or known donor, is a sperm donor known to the recipient. However, this donor is not a sexually intimate partner with the recipient. Therefore, requirements for this type of donation are very similar to that of the Cryobank America Anonymous Sperm Donor Program, in which an initial consultation, semen analysis, physical examination, and blood/urine testing are needed.

A Directed Donor is a semen donor known to the recipient with the intent to inseminate a non-sexually intimate partner (the recipient).

A Client Depositor is a donor of semen who is specifically storing his sperm for potential use in the future, whether the intended recipient is currently known or not.

Sexually Intimate Partner (SIP) Option

If a directed donor is or has been a sexually intimate partner with the recipient, then the donor's 180-day quarantine period is waived upon approval.

As a licensed sperm and egg tissue bank, Cryobank America follows FDA 21 CFR 1271 requirements stating that donor-eligibility determination is not required for reproductive cells or tissues donated by a sexually intimate partner of the recipient for reproductive use.

Some treating physicians will only work with properly quarantined samples; therefore, we urge you to consult your medical professional before waiving the quarantine period.
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Screening Requirements

To reduce the risk of passing on sexually transmissible infectious through semen specimens, Cryobank America adheres to FDA-mandated requirements as well as AATB, ASRM, and NYSDOH regulations and guidelines, which levy stringent testing and screening policies for donors who store semen samples. These requirements include the testing and screening of the following:

  • ABO blood typing and Rh (Rhesus factor)
  • Chlamydia
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV) total antibodies
  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV) IgG and IgM antibodies (if total Ab test is positive)
  • Gonorrhea
  • HIV-1/2/0 Antibodies
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen
  • Hepatitis B virus core antibodies
  • Hepatitis C virus antibodies
  • Human T-cell lymphotropic virus (HTLV-I/II) antibodies
  • Syphilis serology
  • West Nile Virus NAT

Directed donors are required to complete a color vision test, a medical social questionnaire (MSQ) form, and a urinalysis, and they must visit our medical director to fulfill a donor physical examination. Additionally, we strongly recommend optional genetic screening to detect any inherited diseases that could be passed on to future children.

Directed / Known Donor Collection Service

• Initial Consultation and Analysis
• Medical Screening with Cryobank America Physician
• Single ICI Process Collection for IUI processing add $25
• Initial Blood Testing* (6-month post quarantine blood draw may be required for an additional fee)
• First year of storage included!
Initial Required Screening Subtotal:
Additional collections:
ICI :$175
IUI: $200 per collection
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*All recurring blood testing is subject to an additional fee
*Withdrawal fee of $399.00 also applies for all directed and known donors and personal storage clients.

Optional Genetic Screening for Directed/Known Donors

Lastly, to release the specimen samples to a non-sexually intimate partner recipient, the samples must first be in quarantine for 180 days (six months) after the last date of donation. To ensure adherence to quarantine requirements, the donor must complete another infectious disease screening and donor medical examination to assess the final determination.
If you are looking to begin your personal storage (Client Depositor), please see our Personal Sperm Banking service, or to begin your directed/known donor collection, please contact us!
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6-Month Blood Testing
6-Month Donor Medical Examination
Chromosome Analysis, Karyotype
Genetic Testing: Myriad Foresight Carrier Screen

Sample Directed/Known Donor (SIP) Bulk Collection Schedule

(Waiving 6-month Quarantine Period)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about our Directed/Known Donor program. If you cannot find your answer here please contact us or use the chat.

What is the difference between a directed donor, known donor, client depositor, and sexually intimate partner?

A directed donor is a sperm donor who will be storing his sperm for later use by a recipient who is not a sexually intimate partner. Donors can submit collections up to one month after completing a medical examination and initial infectious disease testing. 6-month quarantine with follow-up medical examination and infectious disease testing is required.

A sexually intimate partner (SIP), also known as a "known donor", is a sperm donor who will be storing his sperm for later use by a recipient with whom the donor has been/is sexually intimate. Collections are taken seven days before and seven days after the medical examination and initial infectious disease testing. 6-month quarantine with follow-up medical examination and infectious disease testing is not required as long as the recipient signs an acknowledgment waiver.

Note: some medical professionals will only work with samples tested for infectious diseases.

A client depositor is a FULLY SCREENED sperm donor storing his sperm for potential future use by a recipient whom the donor may or may not know (personal storage). 6-month quarantine with follow-up medical examination and infectious disease testing is required.

How long does the initial process take?

We can schedule you for a sperm analysis within a 24-hour notice. We ask that you remain abstinent for 48 – 72 hours before your first appointment. The results of the sperm analysis will be completed and sent to you within two business days. Once confirmation of sperm preservation is received, we can schedule you to see our physician and begin a collection.

Note: Expedited processing is available for cancer patients, and a semen analysis may not be required for severe urgency patients.

What are the steps involved?

1. Semen Analysis
2. Donor Medical Examination
3. Initial Infectious Disease Testing
4. Genetic screening (Optional)
5. Collection
6. FDA Mandated 6-Month Quarantine Period (not required for known donors/SIP)
7. Follow-up Donor Medical Examination (not required for known donors/SIP)
8. Follow-up Infectious Disease Testing (not required for known donors/SIP)
9. Long-term storage (Optional)
10 Distribution (to your healthcare professional’s clinic, or your home)

How do I get started?

The first step to get started is to contact us to schedule a sperm analysis and initial consultation. Once we verify that your specimen is eligible for preservation, we will schedule you to see our physician for a donor medical examination and initial infectious disease testing. Depending on the donor type (directed donor, known donor/sexually intimate partner, or client depositor), we can start making collections.
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