Donor Reports

At Cryobank America, we realize the tremendous resolve it takes to choose your perfect sperm donor. In an effort to make this process a little easier, we have made donor information available to you. This information will allow you to get to know your donor medically, visually, and personally through a series of questionnaires, photos, and essays.

Once you find a donor that interests you, you will find additional information about the donor when you view their full profile. Below is a list of donor information available to you once you sign up for an account.

Donor Alias
This is the name of the donor you are looking at.
Donor ID
This is a unique number that each donor is assigned.
Basic Donor Profile
This profile includes a brief overview of your donor. Information includes donor birth year, country of birth, ethnic group, parental ancestry, eye color, hair color, skin complexion, face shape, body shape, occupation, education, and more!
Download a sample Basic Donor Profile
History of Health & Fertility
This profile includes general health information about the donor, including whether the donor wears vision-correcting glasses, is hearing impaired, has any allergies, has had surgery, the donor's history of fertility, and more!
Download a sample Medical Health History Report
Donor Essay
Information in this profile includes paragraph donor written responses as to why the donor decided to become a sperm donor, how a friend would describe the donor if he could spend a day with anyone past or present – who he would be and why, and finally the critical thing(s) you should know about the donor.
Download an example Donor Personal Essay
Staff Impression
Our staff members see our donors all the time! Staff impressions include the impression of the donor that our staff members feel embodies them.
Audio Interview
The audio interview is an mp3 file of the donor's actual voice. A Cryobank America staff member will sit with each donor for a one-on-one conversation. The donor answers many questions about his childhood, reasons for becoming a donor, and future goals and ambitions.
Keirsey Temperament Assessment
Keirsey Temperament Assessment includes the results of a temperament survey, a self-assessed personality questionnaire designed to help you understand your donor on a personality level.
Download a sample Keirsey Report
Photo Matching
Are you unsure of which donor best physically resembles you? Are you looking for a donor with a specific look? All you need to do is upload your photos, and our trained client liaison will match your photo(s) with a few donors who have similar characteristics and features you are looking for.
Additional Childhood Photos
Receive additional childhood photos of your donor! We appreciate that a single image is difficult to judge one's appearance, so we have made available at least four pictures to ensure you feel comfortable about your choice.
Complete Donor Profile
This file includes Donor Education, his Handwritten Letter, Characteristics, Questionnaire, Donor Essay, History of Health, History of Fertility, and Family Medical History.
Download a sample Extended Donor Profile
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