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Cryobank America has been the best decision my wife and I have made.

They made our dreams come true of becoming parents and on the FIRST try!!! I think we are still in shock. When my wife and I began our journey into beginning our family, we researched and researched heavily. We looked into every option of conception. Many of these big cryobanks tend to be the first thing that pops up on anyone’s google and it appears that they are really the only options out there. But they aren’t! We first found Cryobank America because I was searching for something local. Many of these other sperm banks were far and the extra shipping was outrageous and from the research and communication I had done, I was just another transaction to these large sperm banks, just another number. Not a story or someone desperate to become a Mom. However, I thought it was my only option UNTIL I saw something about Cryobank America. I saw they were in Arlington and decided to reach out.

The first person I spoke to was Courtney and I was immediately impressed and put at ease. For someone who was going through all this for the first time, I was very unfamiliar, anxious and had endless questions. She walked me through every question and gave me so much peace of mind.

We began this process back in February. Courtney was very up front about their time frame and that because they were newer that vials would not be available until about the end of April. That was right in our time frame of wanting to try so it worked great for us. However, even though we wouldn’t be trying for another few months, Courtney and I never lost touch. Months before my wife and I ever made a purchase, Courtney was there to support us through every question and every step. My wife and I were not just a sale for them, we were important. They became attached to our story and our process of becoming Mommies. They were so much more than a sperm bank for us, they have been support every step of the way.

I knew hands down that we would be going with Cryobank America, not just for this baby but all our future children as well. I was blown away. Their customer service of course sold it for me but on top of that, the programs they offer, the membership options, and the testing they put all donors through was much more than any other competitor. They were so thorough with every detail from the donors and all of the screening. They aren’t just choosing someone who is physically healthy but healthy in all aspects of their life. When we got our donor profile, he had better health than me! I was so impressed with the level of screening and assessment done on each donor.

My wife and I knew we could trust them, our experience from day one exceeded every expectation. So through the few months of the waiting game before the sperm was released, Courtney continued to communicate with me and support all of our questions. As soon as she could provide us with donor profiles, she sent all the options that met all of our qualifications. Of course, a couple in particular stuck out and we pursued a more in depth look into both of those options. We knew hands down which one was the best fit for us.

But what I think the coolest part of this is, is that Courtney knew our donor was the best pick for us. Because she got to know my wife and I and know who we are and our personalities and what was important to us. And I think that is pretty amazing that she was so involved and supportive that even she knew what would be a good fit for us. It wasn’t a “catalog” experience where we just flipped through pages of options. This donor was hand selected and exceeded the criteria my wife and I had in a donor. It was a perfect fit and without Courtney’s genuine involvement, I don’t think we would have ever found exactly what we were looking for.

When we made our final decision we decided to buy 8 vials and do the Exclusive membership where we got 2 free and lots of other benefits. We loved hearing the audio of the donor and looking though his whole profile. What I loved too is any additional questions we had, Courtney would always answer and give us as much detail as she was able. I knew if we went with some larger cryobank, it just wouldn’t be the same personalized experience and with all the responsiveness and feedback we got every step of the way.

In the beginning of May was our big day! It was finally here that we get inseminated! I went through a fantastic fertility clinic and they assisted with Clomid and a trigger shot as well just in enhance our chances. And I will add… I had many odds against me. I lost an ovary back in 2009. I have had hormone imbalance my whole life and needed to be on treatment for it since I was 17. These of course were not in my favor but carrying a baby was my lifelong dream. I knew it would likely take some time. But we went in positive and hopeful!

Throughout the ups and downs of clomid, the long waiting to test, Courtney offered daily support. I asked her every question under the sun, sent her long emails of how yucky I felt, and updated her on just about everything. She was nothing but encouragement through it all. She truly cared about us and our process. It made it so much more peaceful to have that added support and someone who could be excited with us.

About 4 days after the insemination, the doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to see if my two follicles had ruptured and sadly they did not. Being that PCOS is in my history, this is likely why. Of course, my wife and I were devastated. Even with fertility treatment my body didn’t rupture the follicles. We were so sad. Courtney again, provided so much support in this sad time and offered encouragement and we kept moving forward.

Some nearly 2 weeks past and I hadn’t started my next cycle yet but was experiencing some symptoms. It was now a little over 2 weeks past the insemination and I thought for the heck of it, I’d take a test. Of course I knew I was wasting my time of doing it. Within seconds, the most shocking thing happened… TWO pink lines. I thought there is no way, this is broken. I took another. And another, and another of every brand known know man. Every one of them were clear as day, PREGNANT. I have never been so shocked. We thought it didn’t work. Of course we went to the doctor and did all the tests to confirm and everything shows a strong, healthy pregnancy. All I can say is those swimmers must be strong because they even managed to fertilize a unruptured follicle. (Which that is another miraculous story in and of itself).

But all I can say, is this baby is a miracle. It’s a miracle for anyone to get pregnant on the first shot but with every odd I had against me, this baby is our miracle. It wouldn’t have been possible without Cryobank America. They helped make our dream come true. We will undoubtedly use them for all our future babies as well. I love that they are a part of our story and our journey. They went through the ups and downs with us and cared every step of the way. They offered all the support we needed and more.

Even now as I am approaching 8 weeks being pregnant and I get emails daily with Courtney checking on me, putting my mind at ease, answering every question and calming every fear. I send her all my ultrasound pics and video of the heartbeat and she’s probably as excited as my wife and I. And that means so much to have that kind of support and hand holding during a time that can be scary and exciting and not to mention its so new for us and they walked us through every step effortlessly and with compassion.

I would recommend Cryobank America to anyone and everyone. They will forever be our hero as we go on this journey to being parents. I know we will stay in touch for all the years to come and I wouldn’t go through this with any other sperm bank. We can’t wait to continue to work with them with all our future kiddos to come. They will always be such a special part of our family story.

Do yourself a favor and choose Cryobank America. You will not regret it. We can’t thank them enough for all the love, support, encouragement and for celebrating our journey with us.
Lindsay C.
Dallas, TX
Thanks so much for yesterday. You are all wonderful and I’m grateful for this company, thanks so much! I will let everyone I know that is trying to get an IUI to us Cryobank America. When people are understanding and helpful it makes the process of obtaining donor sperm easier!
San Francisco, CA
I would like to thank you guys for successful pregnancy. I am so thankful to have come across your sperm bank. Sanjay was very helpful throughout the ordering process and everything went smoothly. Customer service is excellent and they are very responsive. Highly recommend this sperm bank.
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