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How Many Vials Should I Purchase?

Jessica Rogalski
July 21, 2023

How Many Vials Should I Purchase For At-Home Insemination?

On average, it takes five attempts for most women to become pregnant with at-home insemination. It would be best if you had enough vials of sperm in storage to cover multiple insemination attempts, as it is common for a donor's inventory to sell out temporarily. While many clients achieve pregnancy on their first attempt, it usually takes several insemination cycles. That's why many people purchase 2-3 vials per order, while others purchase more in anticipation of using the same sperm donor for future siblings. However, we recommend ordering 2 Premium IUI, or Premium ICI vials for at-home insemination.

Timing Is Everything

Timing is the most critical factor in achieving fertilization. Therefore, ordering two vials allows you to perform two inseminations during your highest peak days. We always recommend our Premium IUI vials since they contain 25M/ml per 1 ml vial and have undergone our gradient density separation "washing" process. Since they are sold in 0.5ml quantities, you must order two vials to receive 25 million motile sperm cells. However, many of our clients have conceived following their first insemination with one Premium IUI or ICI vial.

What If My Chosen Donor Only Has ART Vials Available?

If you order our IUI ART or ICI ART for at-home insemination, you will also be encouraged to purchase two vials.

Purchasing Vials In Advance

If you want to purchase vials before you're ready to perform the insemination, we can store your vials within our cryobank until you're ready to begin. You can also ask us for your chosen donor's current availability before you decide to purchase a large quantity of vials.

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How Many Vials Should I Purchase For My In-Clinic Procedure?

Speak With Your Fertility Specialist

Before you place your vial order, you should speak with your fertility specialist to find out how many vials you will need based on your unique situation. They will establish this quantity based on your needs, such as your overall fertility health, age, lifestyle, and other factors that could impact fertilization.


You have the option to order our IUI vials or our ICI vials. Since IUI vials are pre-washed, we recommend them for in-clinic use. ICI vials are unwashed, so your clinic will wash your specimen at their laboratory for an additional cost. Some clinics may even prefer unwashed ICI vials so they can perform their washing technique.

Your clinic may only recommend purchasing one Premium IUI or Premium ICI vial if you acquire optimal fertility health. For our IUI ART and ICI ART vials, your clinic will most likely recommend purchasing at least two vials.

Clinic Vial Delivery

Once you place your vial order, we will ship your vials right to your fertility clinic. Your fertility specialist will then maintain your vials' proper storage, handling, and thawing.

How Many Vials Should I Order For An IVF, ICSI, or IVF with ICSI Procedure?

Since IVF (in vitro fertilization) and ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) rely on laboratory fertilization, vials containing a lower sperm count can accommodate these procedures. Your fertility clinic will explain how many vials you will need and what vial type they recommend, but in most cases, you will only need to purchase one IVF/ICSI vial. You can order any vial type for your IVF, ICSI, or IVF/ICSI procedure; however, we offer IUI IVF/ICSI vials and ICI IVF/ICSI vials at a lower cost than our premium and ART vials. Some fertility clinics may prefer ICI IVF/ICSI vials so they can wash the specimen in their laboratory as opposed to using a sample that has been pre-washed.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions concerning your vial order, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us!

For more information on our vial types, click here.

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