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Pregnancy Report: Why It's Important And How It Can Help Others

Jessica Rogalski
August 13, 2023

At Cryobank America, we've dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality donor sperm that is reliable and successful. We take immense pride in knowing that we play a pivotal role in helping create life and bring happiness to families across the globe.

However, our role doesn't end with providing donor sperm. We are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our clients and their future children. That's why we urge all our clients who conceive through one of our donors to complete a Pregnancy Report. This simple yet significant step is essential to our mission to provide the best possible reproductive services.

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4 Key Reasons Why You Should Fill Out A Pregnancy Report

1) Our Pregnancy Report includes information that gives us valuable insight, such as the vial type, number of vials used, number of inseminations performed, insemination method, insemination setting, ovulation tracking methods, if fertility medications or hormones were needed, along with a few additional details. This information helps us determine which strategies and vial types are most successful, allowing us to extend more precise recommendations to future clients.

2) It allows us to track the success rate of our donor sperm, which helps us maintain accurate donor reports. This invaluable information enables us to continually improve donor recruitment, ensuring we provide individuals and families with the highest quality donor sperm.

3) Most importantly, filling out a Pregnancy Report lets us inform you of your donor's status change or any medical updates. As we all know, medical history plays a significant role in an individual's health. We can help you make informed decisions about your child's health by informing you about changes in your donor's medical status.

4) Privacy is paramount concerning personal matters such as conception and childbirth. Rest assured! Your Pregnancy Report remains completely confidential. At Cryobank America, we respect your privacy above all else. We never share any information you provide regarding your birth with third parties.

By filling out a Birth Report, you're not just helping us; you're helping countless other families who dream of having children. You're contributing to a larger community of people united by their desire for parenthood. You can submit your Pregnancy Report online; it only takes a few minutes! Or you can also click here to view our forms and instructions.

Have You Already Filled Out A Pregnancy Report?

Our team is eager to learn about your new bundle (or bundles) of joy! Please share your story, pictures, or videos with us at [email protected]. Having the opportunity to celebrate our client's success is one of the many reasons why we love what we do.

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