ARLINGTON, Texas., September 1, 2017

Cryobank America, the newest sperm bank in the U.S., is pleased to announce its opening in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.

Located at 3050 S Center St., Suite 100, Arlington, TX 76014, Cryobank America is headquartered in the Medical City District of Arlington between I-20 and I-30 near the University of Texas – Arlington.

With the global sperm shortage causing a previously unseen crisis, many couples and single women are turning to sperm donors to start or expand their families. Dr. Sunday Crider, Ph.D. HCLD/ELD, the Tissue Bank Director and Laboratory Director at Cryobank America, adds, “A simple search online about male infertility and donor sperm shortage yields thousands of results from countries around the world, all facing this same significant issue.”

With the Dallas-Fort Worth area comprising many ethnicities and backgrounds, Cryobank America carefully chose this location amongst many others. “The city of Arlington is in-between two major metropolitan areas in Texas,” Sanjay Kumar, CEO, and Co-founder, explained, “This allows us to choose the best Texans to be a part of our program”.

Rigorous eligibility requirements at Cryobank America ensure that the donors who enter the Sperm Donor Program are narrowed down to only the best candidates. Less than 1% of potential donor applicants become fully eligible donors. Once specimens are moved out of quarantine per FDA requirements, units are shipped worldwide to aid in combating the shortage.

Cryobank America also caters toward directed sperm donors. These donors are men who are either storing their specimen as an insurance policy, should they lose their ability to be fertile in the future, or donors who will be donating their specimen to an intended recipient. “Men in occupations that place them at risk are encouraged to bank their sperm to preserve their fertility, including policemen, firefighters, and military members,” says Dr. Crider. “Additionally, men facing serious illnesses such as cancer or men wanting to get a vasectomy can all benefit from cryogenic preservation of their specimens.”

The staff at Cryobank America comprises highly educated and trained professionals, all holding at least a master’s degree in the biological sciences field. The entire staff is very excited to begin working on helping countless couples and individuals worldwide make their dreams of starting a family a reality.

For more information, contact [email protected]